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Our Distinguished Donors for Spring 2018

We are proud to recognize those who have who gave $100 or more to the KSTA Spring 2018 Direct Mail Fundraising Campaign as well as those donors who have consistently supported us year end and year out. Click here to view a listing of our Spring 2018 Distinguished Donors. Fall 2018 donors will be posted after January 22, 2019.


During the fall, we contact only the folks who are on our active donor file in order to make available the next year’s window stickers early. Stickers for 2019 will not be available again until after March 22, 2019, when we do our spring mailing.

Anyone who gives this fall will receive two of our new 2019 KSTA stickers. We have improved the quality of the stickers with special inks and a protective coating so as not to fade. Those who can give $50 will receive four stickers. Contributors with the means to give $100 or more will also be recognized on the KSTA website. The site is visited by our troopers and KSTA personnel. Click here to access our recognition page.

If you have any questions concerning your donation, stickers or other gifts, please don’t hesitate to call our Donor Service Center at 888-239-5323.